Tuesday, April 5, 2011

:::MatthewdavidXFlyLo>>Group Tea:::

Its not everyday you see FlyLo collaborating on someone ELSES song, but that is just what we have here. Matthewdavid, one of the more promising and original sounding members of the bubbling and often over saturated LA beat scene, is preparing to release his new album, Outmind, on April 18 via Brainfeeder. In anticipation for this monumental release [believe me, its that good] he has offered up a sneak peak of what to expect through a free download of one of the stand out tracks; Group Tea featuring Flying Lotus. I highly suggest doing away with all unnecessary distraction and letting this atmospheric audio stimulation take you to a different dimension. It's not a joke. Tell all your friends.

Matthewdavid - Group Tea [Featuring Flying Lotus]

{Pre-order Outmind on vinyl through Boomkat}

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