Friday, July 15, 2011

:::RL Grime:::

I don't know much about this guy RL Grime, assuming its a guy, but I do think he makes pretty amazing music. Future Bass at its finest; mixing elements of Juke, Rap, UK Funky, I could keep going, but I think you get the idea. I put my personal favorite down below, but peep the whole Soundcloud.

Friday, July 8, 2011

:::Jam City>>Waterworx EP:::

Night Slugs really haven't missed the mark yet. Their catalogue of releases reads like a best of 2010, and so far, 2011 hasn't been any different. Following up Bok Bok's Southside EP, they have quietly uploaded previews of Jam City's forthcoming release [NS011], Waterworx EP, onto their Soundcloud. This is filled with that wonky, sliding, wiggling bass and warped out sirens. Late night, dark room, sweaty bodies type shit. Tell your friends, this comes out later this month, and pre-order it here!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

:::Raekwon&Nas>>Rich & Black:::

Raekwon and Nas go in on some gully shit over a pretty ill beat. Rae is getting old [check the white beard steeze], but these dudes are the best. PEEP GAME!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

:::NGUZUNGUZUxXLR8R Podcast:::

NGUZUNGUZU should not be a new name for most you, hopefully. The duo has been making parties funky, and the people sweat, for a few years now, but I think now is their real time to fucking shine!! Already part of the Fade to Mind crew, their newest EP [Timesup EP] marks the first release on the Fade to Mind label, run mostly by Kingdom [pretty sure its more of a collective vibe tho...]. So basically, they are killing shit and XLR8R took notice [as always] and locked them down for the newest installment of their podcast series. Tropical bass vibes dripping off this one. Tracklist & download links below. Play this for all your friends.

01 AraabMuzik "Free Spirit (feat. Beyonce)" (Duke)
02 Nguzunguzu "Wake Sleep (Total Freedom Winter Park Homicide Edition)" (Fade to Mind)
03 Nguzunguzu "Wake Sleep" (Fade to Mind)
04 Jodie "Moments in Heartbreak (LOL Boys Edit)"
05 Jhene Aiko "Club Stranger (Nguzunguzu Remix)"
06 Nguzunguzu "Timesup" (Fade to Mind)
07 Nguzunguzu "Timesup (Kingdom Remix)" (Fade to Mind)
08 DJ Deeon "Everyday"
09 Yoshi "Deep Inside Me Groove"
10 Nguzunguzu "Water Bass Power" (Fade to Mind)
11 DJ Daycard & Djorsen Beats "Mal Konjo!"
12 Bok Bok "Hyperpass" (Night Slugs)
13 Nguzunguzu "Vision of Completion"
14 Jam City "Aquabox" (Night Slugs)
15 Kingdom "Take Me"
16 Rizzla "Bandmind HA"
17 Nguzunguzu "Brass Touch"
18 Dubbel Dutch "B Leave (Nguzunguzu Remix)" (UTTU)
19 Ripperman "Bulldog"
20 Ironsoul "Shut the Door"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

:::Salva Remixes Rainbow Arabia:::

Full force on this shit right here. Salva is poised for domination. His Frite Nite label is doing BIG things. He is doing even BIGGER things. Get informed. His album, Complex Housing, was released earlier this year and received an overwhelmingly positive response. They love this shit. You will too. On this track he took a spaced out jam from Rainbow Arabia and put his special dancefloor ready touch on it. Pure gold.

Rainbow Arabia - Blind [Salva Remix]

Monday, June 27, 2011


The always amazing, never disappointing, always ON POINT; MACHINEDRUM, has a brand new 4 track 12" out today on LuckyMe! Get excited. Alarma, as always, a near perfect collection of club bangers and hallucinogenic sonic vibrations streaming directly from this bass music mastermind's imagination. With the release of his forthcoming album for Planet Mu, Room(s), on the horizon, it would seem Machinedrum is ready for a major takeover this summer. TELL YA FUCKIN FRIENDS AND BUY THE FUCKING VINYL!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

:::SBTRKT>>>Album Preview:::


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


:::The Weeknd>>The Birds [Part 1]:::

I like this one more than Rolling Stone. This man has so much talent it makes me blush. Seriously, I will play his music at my wedding/divorce/funeral.

Monday, June 13, 2011

:::FlyLo>>Soundcloud Update!!!:::

I don't know when the last time FlyLo updated his soundcloud, but it has been forever! Worry not, for the man has done the blogosphere a favor and dropped a few choice cuts from what we can assume is an insane amount of life-altering, blissful beats stashed away on numerous hardrives/brains. Enjoy, and post this shit on your facebook/blog/twitter!!


BNJMN has this kind of lo-fi, hazy approach to making technoish house music. Its dope, really dope. Last year, as Jackhigh, he released the Tropics EP with Teebs [on Svetlana Industries]. This is beautiful music. BNJMN's latest EP entitled 141, is out today, and comes with remixes from Kelpe and Lukid. You can download a bonus track from the EP below and also peep the video for Lukid's remix of One Sea. Tell your friends, play this all summer.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

:::Shlohmo>>Bad Vibes:::

The wunderkind known as Shlohmo announced today that his "proper debut LP", Bad Vibes, will be released August 9 on Friends of Friends!!! THIS IS BIG!!! If you are not up on the kids, GET INFORMED!!! The dude is a musical genius. On that broken-beat tip, speaks to the soul. To get us even more excited, and also because he loves us, he is giving away a few choice remixes; 
Waka Flocka - Hard In Da Paint Shlohmo's Sit Down Remix
Kelis - Milkshake Shlohmo Remix
Gucci Mane - I'm Da Shit Shlohmo Remix

Peep the tracklist for the album below and show him some love on his facebook page!
1. Big Feelings
2. Places
3. Anywhere But Here
4. It Was Whatever
5. Parties
6. Just Us
7. Sink
8. I Can't See You I'm Dead
9. Trapped In A Burning House
10. Get Out
11. Your Stupid Face
12. Seriously
13. Same Time

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

:::Sonic Router #87: Lando Kal:::

The newest Sonic Router mix is from LANDO KAL!! One half of Lazer Sword [who just got signed to Monkeytown Records!!!], but lately he has been making a serious name for himself on the solo front. You can download the mix below, and if you like reading, there is also a pretty excellent article/interview with the man himself over here. Tell ya homies!!

:::Starkey>>Space Traitor Vol. 2:::

Starkey's new EP was just released yesterday on Civil Music! FULL ON SONIC ASSAULT!! STARKEY IS THE KING!!! Really cannot stress enough how deep my love for his music goes. 'Gutter Music' on Ephemeral Exhibits was so beautiful, I was hooked. This release is no different. Except he has gotten better. BUY THIS ON VINYL [direct from Civil Music]!!! DOWNLOAD THE FUCK OUT OF IT!!! TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!! PLAY IT FOR YOUR GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND/MOM/DRUG COUNSELOR/CAT!!! He deserves all your support and more.  "Lost in Space (ft. Charli XCX)" - from Space Traitor Vol. 2 (out now on Civil Music) by starkey
"Bricks ft. Curly Castro" - from Space Traitor Vol. 2 (Starkey Daily Dose of Dubstep on BBC 1Xtra mix rip) by starkey
"Sunlight" (forthcoming Space Traitor Vol. 2 - June 6th Civil Music) by starkey

:::Slugabed>>Moonbeam Rider:::

Slugabed's debut EP for Ninjatune is a glitched-out space ride through a collapsing black hole. No joke, that is literally what it is. The video couldn't be more perfect [directed by Steven Smith]. It is available now on vinyl and digital. Grab it from the Official Ninja Tune Store. Tell all your friends, and maybe play this next time you hear someone talking about being bored with whatever music they have been listening to... FUTURE SOUNDS!

Monday, June 6, 2011

:::Jamie XX>>Far Nearer/Beat For:::

This is just beautiful. Jamie XX is the future. For real though! We are finally blessed with his debut solo release on VINYL!!! Give MAD PROPZ to Numbers for making this shit a reality. BUY THE FUCKING VINYL!!! SUPPORT THE MUSIC!!!

PS. He will be Joining Jackmaster & Spencer on the NMBRS show on RinseFM tomorrow [June 7, 2011] from 11pm-1am GMT [thats 3-5pm Cali time]!!!

:::Robot Koch>>She Won't Be There:::

Robot Koch has a new track on the Aisuru One Japan benefit compilation. Buy it and support.

:::Machinedrum>>Glitch Happens:::

MACHINEDRUM / Glitch Happens
live set / snippet 

Machinedrum (New York)

visuals by

:::Machinedrum>>Sacred Frequency:::

It's out today! In anticipation of his forthcoming debut on Planet Mu, Machindrum drops this 4 track EP of future bangers on us. That footwork groove on a summer day in 2026 sound. Soulful. Play this for your friends. Digital out now. Vinyl coming soon.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

:::Brenmar>>I'm So High:::

The New York club king, BRENMAR, is preparing to release a new EP on Sinden's Grizzly label on June 20th. GET EXCITED!! I admit, he is definitely a personal favorite of mine [as well as a frequent topic of this blog], but god damn his shit is TOUGH!! It has that perfect mixture of hood banger and club banger and when he add the sexed out RnB vocals it becomes a whole different animal. This track is a little more on the club banger tip. Play at a loud volume while getting ready to go out, you'll get what I'm saying. As an added bonus, Austin's Dubbel Dutch put the remix of this track he did for the EP up on his Soundcloud. So PEEP THAT!! Tell your friends.

:::Foreign BeggarsXLazer Sword:::

Lazer Sword is branching out. Right on the heels of announcing their signing to Modeselektor's Monkey Town Records, they drop this ILL grimey banger. It's got that signature LZ sound that we all love. It is perfect really. And Foreign Beggars mash up the track so hard. But let us be honest, when has Lazer Sword made a bad song? You can pre-order the entire EP here. Tell your friends.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

:::BokBok>>Southside EP Preview:::

He waited too long!! Bok Bok is finally preparing to release his debut EP on Night Slugs, the label he runs along with L-Vis1990. It is everything you would expect from the head of Night Slugs' debut label release to be; synthy, futuristic, overly unique, near perfect, amazing, etc. Seriously tho, the anticipation for this release is IMMENSE!! At least in my world it is. This is someone who quickly rose from obscurity to near legend status among his peers, releasing some of the most forward thinking bass-fused house music on numerous labels. And then going on to create one of the most exciting, truly next-level music labels. Give it up for this young prodigy. Serious. The EP is out May 31. Tell your friends.

01. JAM CITY – Barely A Track [Night Slugs]
02. GUMBO – Submarine [Dancemania]
03. JAM CITY – Magic Drops VIP [Night Slugs]
04. BODDIKA & JOY ORBISON – Swims [Swamp 81]
05. HINDZY D – Target [Slimzos]
06. GIRL UNIT – Wut (CLAUDE VONSTROKE Remix) [Night Slugs]
07. BOK BOK – Silo Pass [Night Slugs]
08. NGUZUNGUZU – Wake Sleep [Fade To Mind]

Check the previews from his Soundcloud

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

:::Frite Nite Podcast 008: DannyCorn+TRAX#8:::

So Frite Nite is gearing up for a fucking HUGE summer and even BIGGER fall!! Comma's swerved out retro-future bass masterpiece, Colortronics, is available to pre-order on PURPLE CASSETTE TAPE! The main don, Salva, is on a constant tour spreading the bass love. Eprom is in Europe, B. Bravo and Ana Sia are getting ready to play The Movement Festival in Detroit this weekend. The crew is going CRAZY!!! And to build this hype even more they have just released a brand new Podcast from Portland's own DannyCorn. This mix is full of CRAZY heat. Summer time, futuristic footwork vibes. Seeeeeeerrrious vibes!! He has included a few original tunes, some edits, an Ana Sia edit, as well as a whole slew of unreleased bangers from some of today's most forward thinking bass music masters. GET INFORMED!! As if that wasn't enough, they also let loose two unreleased DannyCorn tunes in the form of Frite Nite Trax #8! BAAANNNNGEERRRZZ!!!!

Download the Podcast!! [direct download link]

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

:::More new Lando Kal on Soundcloud:::

Just a quick update, Lando Kal [aka Teflon Frenzy] has thrown up a few more snippets of forthcoming/demos/unreleased tracks onto his Soundcloud, and FUCK ARE THEY GOOD!! TELL EVERYONE!!

:::Kingdom for T&B:::

So apparently Scion A/V's newest EP is being curated by the never-ceasing-to-amazing Trouble & Bass Crew, and the first track to be released is by the always-fucking-amazing KINGDOM! This is more of that futuristic dancehall madness that we have come to love by this rising NY legend! Tell your friends.

Monday, May 16, 2011

:::Hush House Mix #018: Kastle:::

Kastle gives us a taste of the future he invisions via a brand new mix for Hush House. Kastle must be from the future, not just for it. Thats the way I see it. His music is so next level, I am not even sure if it is actually on a level. Let him take you places you have never even dreamed of. Download below and tell your friends. 

01. Mario - Let Me Love You (Skulk Moombahton Edit) [dub]
02. Kastle - Lil More Luv [forthcoming]
03. Heartbreak - Dance If You Like... [dub]
04. Munchi - Hope [T&A Records]
05. Christoph Andersson - Getaway [Hurst Recordings]
06. Damu - Gargoyle [Silverback Recordings]
07. Kastle - Could U Want Me [forthcoming]
08. A1 Bassline - Shock Headed [Tighten Up]
09. NGUZUNGUZU - Got U (Canblaster & Berou Remix) [Silverback]
10. Blawan - Bohla [R&S Records]
11. HxdB & Self Evident - The Light [dub]
12. Dorian Concept - My Face Needs Food [Ninja Tune]
13. XI - Solar Breeze [dub]
14. Box Cutter - Other People [Planet Mu]
15. Jacques Green - Another Girl [LuckyMe]
16. C.R.S.T. - Everything Changes [Deep Thrills]
17. Ben Westbeech - Falling (Dark Sky Remix) [Strictly Rhythm]
18. Glentron - Cast A Light [Surely Bassy]
19. Artek - Holdin [Car Crash Set]
20. FaltyDL - Brazil ft. Lily MacKenzie [Planet Mu]
21. Jamie Grind - Bad Attitude (And You Know It) [dub]
22. Tom Encore - Spellbound (Zeppy Zep Remix) [Concrete Cut]
23. NGUZUNGUZU - Mirage (Brenmar Remix) [Silverback Recordings]
24. Duffstep - Free (Eliphino Remix) [Join The Dots]
25. Pixelord & Coax - Equis [Car Crash Set]
26. Kito - This City ft. Reija Lee [Mad Decent]

:::Fact Mix 248: Machinedrum:::

The man, the myth, the legend. There will be books written about this man. People will hate themselves for not listening sooner. He has an album coming out on Planet Mu in July. Easily one of my favorite artists, and has been since the first time I heard his music, MACHINEDRUM!!! This mix is FULL of the shit that inspired him to make his forthcoming album, Room[s], and is basically a play by play of whats going down in the footwork/juke world right now. Get informed. Tell your friends. 

Fact Mix 248: MACHINEDRUM [download via Soundcloud/Fact]

MF Grimm – Emotions [Day By Day]
DJ Taktix – Hornz for 94 (Philip D Kick Footwork Edit) [Unreleased]
DJ Diamond – Go Hard [Planet Mu]
DJ Spinn – Man I Do It [Planet Mu]
Tom & Jerry – Yamming Snacks Like Jerry (Machinedrum Footwork Edit) [Unreleased]
Secret Squirrel – Jungle Squirrel (Machinedrum Footwork Edit) [Unreleased]
Distal – Behold The Jungle Bootleg [Well Rounded]
Chrissy Murderbot – Club Cirque Riddim [Planet Mu]
EPROM – Twerkul8 [Unreleased]
Africa Hitech – Foot Step [Warp]
Machinedrum – Boxoff [Unreleased]
Mike De Underground and Cool Hand Flex – Day to Day [De Underground]
Dok – Your Love ['89 Revival]
The House Crew – Euphoria (Nino’s Dream) [Production House]
Return Of Macka Brown – Dub Heaven (Machinedrum Edit) [Unreleased]
Untouchables – N Joi This (Machinedrum Edit) [Unreleased]
Vicious Crew – No Politics Vol 2 A1 [Stomp]
Falty DL – Jungle 12-10-10 [Unreleased]
Plug – Feelings [Blue Planet Recordings]
Roni Size & Reprazent – Morse Code [Mercury]
XI – Break Dat [Unreleased]
Son Of Kick – Playing the Villain (Machinedrum Remix) [Muti Music]
Lil Wayne – Six Foot Seven Foot [Young Money]
Walkmen – Countdown Theory [Atomik]

:::Jody Breeze>>The Way I Move:::

Jody Breeze, from the infamous TERROR SQUAD [Big Punisher {RIP} & Joey Crack's crew], moves in the direction of footwork and creates an instant classic from the most unlikely of sources; SADE!?! DAMN KID, no one thought this was even possible! Smooth as a motherfucker, but it still has soul. Shouts out to the Ghettophiles from Chicago for pushing this footwork/juke shit into the fucking future! You can preview the song below, and if your feeling like you need this, buy it from Bleep. Play this for you mother.

:::Lando Kal>>Further/Time Out:::

The time has come; Lando Kal, one half of Lazer Sword, is ready to lay down his solo debut upon the people! Further/Time Out are being released on Hotflush Recordings, and I couldn't think of a better label for this musical mastermind to begin his solo career with. These tracks are a mixture of the lazerbass from his roots, with the new juke sound [that everyone is trying but few are actually perfecting], and this beautiful UK Funky vibe that Lando has been giving us a taste of during his live sets as well as recorded mixes as of late. This release is a piece of history. Such a smooth vibe on both these tracks, by the end you just want to start them over, and over, and over, and over... you get the idea. This isnt just a suggestion, this is a demand; BUY THIS VINYL! Tell your friends.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

:::Guido>>29 Minute Mix 2011:::

Guido, one third of the "Purple Trinity" [along with Joker & Gemmy], has just dropped a smoooooooth, synthed-out mix full of unreleased material. Listen & download below. This is not to be missed, and mark my words: you will be hearing these tracks in mixes from EVERYONE in the very near future! Tell your friends.

Tracklist [all Guido!]
Class act 
Quick idea 
PL Remix Type & J B Love (Remix) 
Lunar Eclipse 
Micro X (Forthcoming State Of Joy) 
Most wanted 
Ballin' feat Baobinga 
What I'm here for feat Scarz 
Dust Off 
Same Road feat Shadz

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

:::JokerXJessie Ware>>The Vision:::

To tide you over until his album drops; the first oficial single, featuring the always amazing Jessie Ware, THE VISION!!

:::Eprom>>Pipe Dream EP:::

DAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!!! Is this dude even fucking HUMAN!? How does one man create such mind-bending, genre-defying, soul-rattling beats? His creations threaten to finally break California free from the rest of the continent, and spark the fire that will bring down our social system... or something. The dude is force to be reckoned with! Although the vinyl release of his Pipe Dream EP dropped a few weeks ago, all you digital nerds can finally wrap your ears around these futuristic space battle beats! 

He has also embarked on a extremely wide-spread spring tour.
Bring your friends.

:::Mexicans With Guns>>Ceremony LP Out TODAY!:::

This is the type of music that sparks a revolution! The mysterious, and usually masked, bass bandit Mexicans With Guns takes us deep into his explorations of both cultures and dimensions with his debut LP, Ceremony. Although this world he has created can be haunting, and at times even mystical, don't be afraid, he laces the trip with enough psychedelic sonic soundscapes and straight-from-the-gutter, trunk-rattling bass to keep both your mind and ears wide awake! Don't let the mask fool you, this man is NOT hiding. He has brought with him a whole crew of lyrical wizards including Gary, Indiana native Freddie Gibbs and Frite Nite fam Zackey Force Funk. Spread the word; Mexicans With Guns is taking control.



Brenmar drops another gem on us, this time using r&b diva Ashanti as the inspiration. And because he loves his Twitter fam, he has released it as a FREE download. Enjoy!

Also, just incase you missed it, listen&download his newest mix for Fader entitled, Gold Bricks.

Monday, May 9, 2011

:::Kutmah>>The New Error Vol. 2:::

Brand new mix from LA's Kutmah

"THE NEW ERROR Vol. 2 is a four-part mix, containing 25 unreleased beats by MADLIB, FLYING LOTUS, DAKIM, JEREMIAH JAE, MONO/POLY, DIBIA$E, SHLOHMO, SHAFIQ, EPROM, LORN & more, plus original productions by KUTMAH featuring JON WAYNE and ZACKEY FORCE FUNK, as well as two dozen additional tracks including J-ROCC, JAMES BLAKE, LAZER SWORD, BROADCAST, MR. OIZO, VINCENT GALLO and OUTKAST "

Cop the Mix from his web store, and maybe pick up a print or tee. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The Don of Frite Nite, Salva, never sleeps. Back on the road again just weeks after returning from the Surefire Sound Tour. I highly suggest making it your mission to attend one of these shows. The man knows what he is doing, bringing his own brand of platinum coated, Detroit synth-infused, bass music. It needs to be heard. Word is he is bringing along some free promo cds and the limited edition baby blue vinyl 12" of Complex Housing!! Bring your friends.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

:::Star SlingerXGold Panda Video:::

Not much to say about this.
Beautiful song.
Beautiful remix.
Beautiful video.
Keep your eye on Star Slinger, he is going places.
Gold Panda too!

Video by How Do I Computer [Anže Sekelj / Koala™ & Lucijan Kranjc]

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

:::Comma>>Ken Griffey Jr.:::

The time has come. We have finally been blessed with new music by one like Comma. He is on his next level hype with this one. The sounds coming out of my speakers are some future-retro style, holographic wormhole beats. He melds together vintage soul vibes with space age futurism and laces is all with his clever samples and chest rattling bass. Perfect get ready for summer beats. But to be honest, these are perfect get ready for life beats. This is what I want to be listening to when I blast off in my rocket ship. Head over to the Frite Nite Blog to join the mailing list and be entered to win a PURPLE CASSETTE TAPE of Comma's forthcoming Colortronics EP due to be released on Frite Nite May 24!!

Comma - Ken Griffey Jr. via XLR8R

Friday, April 22, 2011


These two are the shit. Fully flexing that ZEF shit!! Nuff said. Peep game.
Die Antwoord.
What does that mean?
The Answer.
The answer to what?
Whatever, man.

Check out the short film they made with Harmony Korine!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


OH MY FUCKING GOD. Stop everything. Machinedrum has created a new sub-genre: Juketure Bass. This shit is so perfect. Such a natural progression. I can't even write about it right now, I just want to keep listening. And they would tease us with these small snippets! It IS worth it though. So hungry for this on vinyl, it is literally making my stomach ache. Click this link and listen to the entire new LP from Machinedrum entitled, Room[s], out July 11 on Planet Mu [the label who continues to amaze and inspire!].

Peep the Roni Size edit!!

Roni Size - New Forms (MD Juke Edit) by machinedrum

:::Robot Koch Interview:::

I decided this was more than worthy of reposting. This is an interview that my friend and I did with Robot Koch for City Full Of Neon Lights. It was right after his show with Madlib at 1015 in San Francisco. Robert is an AMAZING person. Please support his music, tell your friends, read this interview. 

City Full Of Neon Lights: Welcome to San Francisco! For our readers who are not familiar, please introduce yourself and tell us what you do.
Robot Koch: Well, my name is Robot Koch, actually my name is Robert Koch, but Sacha from Jahcoozi (Sacha Perera) nicknamed me “Robot” because I tend to, you know work a lot, sleep a little…..very little, so that’s how that whole robot thing came about. What do I do? I am a music producer, I played drums in a band when I was 15, got into DJing electronic music when I was like, I dunno, 20? I’m 33 years now so I’ve been doing it for a second. I play all over the globe actually, I used to play a lot with Jahcoozi but I quit, well, I’m still their producer, but I don’t play live with them anymore because it just got too much for me, cause I have a lot of production things going on and just being on the road with them was intense also. And then I started my own thing and that sort of blew up as well, you know so I am just trying to balance it out, just concentrating on Robot Koch and like, all these studio jobs that I have.
CFONL: “Like all the side projects your working on?”
RK: “Right, cause I also do some like productions for some major labels.”
CFONL: Could you tell us about the side projects your doing?”
RK: Well it’s not really side projects, I’m like a music producer, I’m signed to Sony Publishing in Germany, and they give me like some jobs sometimes remixing bigger artists, European ones. I produce tracks for other people’s records also, that part of my job, how I live, but obviously Robot Koch runs well as an entity by now, you know? So I’m touring a lot, and, it’s cool, I like the duality of studio and live shows, you never get bored you know?
CFONL: Who are some artists that you have you have been feeling lately? Maybe some future collaboration in the works you could shed some light on?
RK: Actually what’s coming out in March on Project Mooncircle, the label I release on, is John Robinson, previously Little Science of the Science of life crew. He’s down with all the cats, he’s known in the scene but never really blew up that kind of……like MF Doom did or something.
CFONL: How did that collaboration come about?
RK: We met, we just played one show together, and then Gordon from our label was like “you guys should work on an EP”, and it blew up into an album size.
CFONL: So it will be an album not just an EP?
RK: Yeah it’s an album.
CFONL: When your working with other artists and doing their remixes, what are some of the obstacles you face if you are not working with them directly face to face in a collaborative project?
RK: Well both are really important you know, so the thing between me working as a solo artist and working with a band, even with Jahcoozi it’s like three people, three opinions, a lot of talking. What I love about my solo stuff, I just do (makes the music).
CFONL: You have the ability to do what you need with the sound.
RK: Totally. I do know when it’s finished also, you know. You don’t discuss when it’s finished you just feel it, and that’s cool you know, be at peace. With a band you’re always like “it’s not finished”, “yeah I think it is”, “we need to change this part.” But, having said that it’s obviously great working with people cause they feed the gene pool of ideas with their input, so it can also be bigger. That’s why I do both.
CFONL: It (working in a band) helps you think of things you wouldn’t have thought of before, you feed off each other.
RK: Exactly, people think differently you know, so that’s the good thing about it.
CFONL: There are a lot of people you work with we’ve never heard of before, how do you find these people to work with?
RK: I like to challenge people with that actually, new names, new sounds, like discover something. Like Grace, her full name is Graciella Maria, she’s a singer from Mexico, she’s my girlfriend actually, just some gossip for the blog you know!
All: Hahahahahahahaha!!

Read the rest of the interview after the jump.