Tuesday, April 26, 2011

:::Comma>>Ken Griffey Jr.:::

The time has come. We have finally been blessed with new music by one like Comma. He is on his next level hype with this one. The sounds coming out of my speakers are some future-retro style, holographic wormhole beats. He melds together vintage soul vibes with space age futurism and laces is all with his clever samples and chest rattling bass. Perfect get ready for summer beats. But to be honest, these are perfect get ready for life beats. This is what I want to be listening to when I blast off in my rocket ship. Head over to the Frite Nite Blog to join the mailing list and be entered to win a PURPLE CASSETTE TAPE of Comma's forthcoming Colortronics EP due to be released on Frite Nite May 24!!

Comma - Ken Griffey Jr. via XLR8R

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