Sunday, April 17, 2011


To be honest, I don't really know anything about Krampfhaft. He [I think it's a guy] is from the Netherlands and he makes really fresh sounding, futuristic, juke-inspired bass music. He's got this sound that reminds me of deep space dance competitions and underwater turf dancing. Not much else needs to be said. I will report back when I receive more information on this mysterious bassmaker.

Krampfhaft Swipe Mixtape by Krampfhaft

Tracklist lookin nice!!

Krampfhaft - Swipe mix intro
Dorian Concept - Toe Games Made Her Giggle
Krampfhaft - Grind
Chris Brown ft Busta Rhymes - Look At Me Now
Krampfhaft - Crane
Om Unit - Prawn Cocktail (Salva remix)
Girl Unit - Every Time
Lapti & Nocow - Sirenas (part 1)
Drexciya - Dr. Blowfins' Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres
Blawan - Kaz
DJ Hell - This Is For You
Martyn - Left Hander
Amanda Blank - Something Bigger, Something Better
Krampfhaft - Congo Blade Runner (Beta version)
Richelle - Bendin'
Tyler The Creator - Parade
Krampfhaft - Perfect Gain Structure
Krampfhaft - Spit Thunder
Kijk Een Ster - Leave Again

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