Saturday, April 2, 2011

:::Bok Bok b2b Jam City on RinseFM:::

Bok Bok goes deeeeeep, on the Night Slugs show on RinseFM, with TONZ OF NEW TUNEZ!!! &He brought Jam City [who also came prepared with new material] along for the ride!!

You can catch the Night Slugs Show on RinseFM with Bok Bok going b2b with L-Vis1990 every other Tuesday from 3-5pm GMT [if you live in California like me then thats 7-10am].

Check out this new tune by Bok Jam [aka Bok Bok & Jam City], it's on those late night, dark highway, comedown vibez.
{note: still unsure whether this is an XLR8R April fools joke...}


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