Saturday, March 26, 2011


"I like drum machines, obviously. Sequencing. Alterations. The 808 vein. This is a fruitful time to be making music. A lot of the influences I've been into [throughout] the years all of a sudden fit together-- ghetto-tech, percussive house, audio of my wife going through her singing practices, techno. I guess the ideal is a rhythm that is simultaneously stagnant and organic. My emphasis nowadays is in on the rhythm and the stripped aesthetics. Rawness, if you will. I'm a pretty black-and-white person-- simply into drum machines, garage swing, and an impact." - Teeth

Relatively new to the dubstep scene, Teeth began making experimental hiphop back in the early 90's in his homeland of Finland. He continued with it until 2006 when he made the turn towards the 140 bpm world. He has releases scheduled on Noppa and Oneman's new 502 label. The latter being a 12" release of the track, "Shawty" with a Falty DL Remix on the flip side. I am pretty hyped about this dude, really feeling the direction he [&Oneman] are taking dubstep, can't wait to hear more!!

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Download Teeth's Boiler Room Mix

Teeth – Lowcut Champagne
Teeth – CNT 
Teeth – Frequencies 
Teeth – SW
Teeth – Anna Latautua
Teeth – Take A Stand Overhead
Teeth – Vibrate
Teeth – Shawty VIP
Teeth – Magenta
Teeth – Need A Refix
Teeth – Scent (Edit)

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