Monday, March 7, 2011

:::LV remixes Zomby [back in 2009]:::

"I was born in a system that doesn't give a fuck about you, nor me, nor the life..."

I really just dig the fuck out of this track, it has been in my head all day, had to post it. To quote the Resident Advisor review from 2009, "If every Zomby track can be genealogically traced back to a fairly specific set of musical antecedents (jungle, hardcore, dubstep, rave, hip-hop, etc., etc.), the finished results, cultivated under bedroom grow-lights, have struck more than a few as some seriously next level shit."

LV adds a little something funky to this deep head-nodder from the one like ZOMBY!! Turn the lights down, blaze ya spliff and vibe out to these sounds.
Oh, and tell all your friends.


Hey Mutherfuckerz!!!! Mix by Zomby
URB Presents: LV [from last year]


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