Monday, March 28, 2011

:::Brenmar>>Boy U Got Me:::

Boy U Got Me (now 4 download!!) by BRENMAR

Brenmar has a new track up for free download and it is also featured on the Truants Blog: Truancy Compilation Volume One

Truancy Volume One [download link]
1. Grown Folk – Steady Moving
2. Teeth – Some
3. NGUZUNGUZU – Story Riddim
4. Darling Farah – Varsity
5. Brenmar – Boy U Got Me
6. Glass Actor – What I Couldn’t Do
7. LOL Boys & Teki Latex – Modern
8. Chaos In The CBD – Ima Do It Right
9. MelĂ© – Pyrex Vision
10. Tanka – Short Sighted
11. Femme En Fourure – Femdom
12. ITFW – Surgeon
13. Square Mode – One Way
14. Brey – Tru4ncy

I highly suggest taking a look around the Truants Blog. I honestly only stumbled across them from the link on Brenmar's Soundcloud, but best believe I spent the next two hours reading all they had to say. 
Tell your friends.

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